Custom Commission work #05

Custom Commission work #05

I'm so excited to share this commission work I've done recently for the lovely couple! 

The husband had a wedding band that was broken somehow and wanted to fix it. After some considerations my clients and I have decided to make the husband a new band and with the broken band we would melt it and make it into new pair of earrings for the wife! That way they get to keep the original wedding ring in another form of jewelry and still remember the very special moment of their life! 

So here are some pictures of the process as well as the end products! 

This surely was a fun project. I'm so happy that I was able to help the couple solve this issue. :-)

Do you have a jewelry that needs some rejuvenation or transformation? Please, contact us for any questions or inquiries! We are here to help 🧡




*broken ring

broken wedding ring

*earrings made with the broken ring

earrings made with the broken ring

*new wedding ring

new wedding ring

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