Custom Commission work #2

Custom Commission work #2

I'm very excited to share this very special custom work I've done! 

This client of mine brought in a very interesting and important object by a Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde from his renowned project Smog Free Project. (if you are interested, you can further read about this here!) It was basically two beautiful cubes filled with compressed smog particles. My client wanted them to be made into earrings. 

It was not an easy task due to the nature of mixed materials in the cube. I could not bring the torch not even close to this object lest it will melt! And to be able to make earrings without torch was a bit challenging. BUT that does not mean I can't make it work! I just have to find a way to work around it. I just LOVE these types of challenges 👍🏻 

After confirming the final designs of the earrings, I was able to execute the design and here you see the final product! 

Do you have something that's special and meaningful to you that you want to turn into piece of jewelry or some other objects? Please do not hesitate to contact me! Let's talk about it :-) 




-some design sketches

-final piece

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