Meet Erin, the founder & designer of Silverwillow Studio!

Meet Erin, the founder & designer of Silverwillow Studio!


My name is Erin and I'm the founder and designer of Silverwillow Studio. You might have met me at craft fairs or pop-up events through out LA & OC area. 

Today I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and how I founded Silverwillow Studio.

I started making jewelry when I was in college where I studied Journalism back in South Korea where I grew up. Soon after I fell in love with making wearable items and decided to pursue it as my dream. This dream led me to California College of the Arts in San Francisco Bay Area and I finished Jewelry/Metal Arts program there. In the course of my time at CCA I got to work with different types of metals, got trained in traditional metal smithing techniques, and enjoyed exploring the field of conceptual art with metal as my medium. I also studied abroad in Paris, France at École Boulle and picked up engraving skills from my wonderful teacher Monsieur Robert. Eventually all of these experiences gave me the confidence to create my own studio that I call Silverwillow Studio.

My passion really lies on hands on working process and I enjoy working with silver, gold, and copper. From start to finish all of my jewelry pieces are fabricated in my very studio as well as with partnership with other artisans in Los Angeles. 

I get my inspirations from the nature such as textures, colors, and shapes. Combining and mix-matching these elements into a form of jewelry always excite me and the possibility is simply endless! 

For color elements of jewelry I use many different types of gemstones. To me all gemstones are precious stones knowing that each one is unique and born of mother nature. And because of this view, I try my best to stay away from lab-grown or dyed gemstones. And I always make sure all my gemstone suppliers carry conflict free items. 

One thing I like about working with metal is that it's very sustainable. Literally nothing goes to waste in my studio! All of my metals get to be recycled either by me or by the refinery in LA. 

Silverwillow Studio is not exclusively a jewelry studio. In the near future I hope to introduce variety of metal pieces. My big motto is "makers gonna make"! Whether I have orders or not, I feel like I'm always in the mood of making things and that's the driving power of Silverwillow Studio. 

Hope you continue to visit my store and enjoy what we have to offer. 

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!




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